Leak Detection

Leak Detection
It’s very possible to have leaks in your home plumbing without never knowing the difference. It might be in a location where leaks can lead to water damage or it might be underground, but in both scenarios, unchecked leaks can lead to increased water bills and possible structural damage.

If you live in an older home, you might suspect hidden leaks, since older plumbing isn’t very durable and has had years of wear and tear. But newer homes are also susceptible to hidden leaks, due to corrosion and substandard construction.

Leak Detection Experts

Finding leaks isn’t always as easy as you might expect. It takes the expertise of trained technicians and modern equipment to find hidden leaks. Fortunately, we have both.

The combination of our industry leading training program and advanced leak detection equipment have already helped homeowners like you save millions of gallons of water, and the potential property damage that hidden leaks can lead to.

Since 1974, American Leak Detection, has helped homeowners identify over 5 million leaks, leading to untold savings in water and avoided property damage. We do it all with a unique, non-invasive testing technique to find leaks in your water systems. If there is a leak in your home, we’ll find it.

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