How to Shut off your Water

How to shut off the water to one fixture. If you only need to shut the water off to one fixture or toilet, check for a shut-off valve either under the sink or behind the toilet.

In most cases, each water fixture in your home will have its own valve so that you do not have to shut off water to the entire house every time you need to work on a single fixture. If you need one of these valves installed, we can do this for you.

Shutting off water to your entire home. If you can’t find a valve to shut off the fixture that you’re working on, then you may have to shut off the water to your entire house. In many instances, the shut-off valve will be located on an outside wall of your home or in a basement. You should also have a main water valve located near the street or sidewalk. This valve typically requires a special tool to turn off the water. It is common for this shut-off valve to be buried in a box that has a metal or cement lid.

It’s important to know how to shut off the water. Knowing how to do this as quickly as possible can be very important in the event of an emergency. Whenever there is an earthquake, freezing temperatures or other events, it is possible for your water pipes to break.

If you cannot find your shut-off valve, you may be able to get help from a neighbor. You should also feel free to call us at any time, and we will send someone out to help you with any emergency plumbing needs that you may have.